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Proudly Namibian owned
Wholesaler of Namibian Granite and Marble
Welcome to Jary Enterprise

We saw rough blocks for wholesale and retail distribution of granite and marble. With various surface finishes. We offer Namibian granite and Marble slabs to meet your building, kitchen & bathroom design needs.

Processing & supply of naturals stone material. High standard of workmanship, ensures all natural stone slabs are fulfilled to perfection/ apply the latest technology to achieve top international quality standards.

High quality Namibian stone slabs in a variety of colors (material) drawing on the rich resources of natural stone available in Namibia.

How many different finishes can you provide?

We can do 6 different finishes, polished, flamed, honed, sawn, clawed and leather finish.

What thickness can you supply?

We can cut slabs in thickness , 20mm,30mm, 50mm, 70mm,80mm, 110mm, 150mm, 200mm 250mm, 300mm and thicker.

Do you sell blocks?
Do you own quarries?
How many different finishes can you provide?
What thickness can you supply?
Can you load containers for export?
Can you send slabs to neighboring countries?

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